Would you like the birth of your baby to be a calm, holistic experience?

HypnoBirthing® "The Mongan Method" is a philosophy that has been put into practice by using self hypnosis techniques that allow for a method of birthing which is both relaxing and rewarding.

Founded by Marie Mongan this complete childbirth education program teaches you how to tap into your body's natural birthing ability. By learning and applying special breathing and relaxation techniques you (a birthing mom) will be profoundly relaxed yet alert and in control to allow for a comfortable and gentle birth, avoiding unnecessary interventions.

You will learn deep relaxation which allows you to release fears and in turn to optimize your body's natural relaxant-endorphins, consequently lowering even eliminating discomfort and tension in birth. When you are free of fear, you are free of tension and pain.

The Benefits:

• Pre-natal bonding
• Improved health through pregnancy
• Gives the birthing companion an essential role in the birthing
• Educates you of the choices you can make about your birth
• Reduces the need for pain-relief or intervention
• Calmer babies
• Leaves mother alert, fresh, awake and with energy
• Faster recovery
• Fewer cases of post-natal depression